Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour

Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour

Imagine diving into a world in which you and your fellow snorkelers descend equipped with bright hand held underwater lights. The lights attract plankton which in turn attracts the Manta Rays. This shows a true symbiotic relationship as the Mantas eat the plankton and the humans get to enjoy the show. There are 214 named and identified Mantas that you can meet on any given night.

This snorkel trip is very safe - the Manta's are known for their gentle attitudes and fascinating behavior. The Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour on the Kona Coast of Hawaii is something that should not be missed. You will get first-hand experience as you watch their fascinating behavior and their gentle attitudes.

We provide all equipment for your comfort on your manta ray night snorkel trip. Masks, fins, wet suits, and under water dive lights, snack, water and hot beverages are provided after each tour.
Our U.S.C.G. certifitied high speed custom snorkel boat is fast, fun and stable with plenty of shade and comfortable seating.

Transportation not included.

Departures (Local Time)

4:30 PM (Hours: 4)

   No Days Available.


  • Instructor
  • Snacks
  • All equipment provided


You will want to bring a towel, Go-Pro and some extra cash for purchases.

Departure Location

At the cruise ship pier. The specific meeting location at the pier will be listed in your confirmation email and voucher for this shore excursion. See the 'Redemption and Voucher Details' section below.

Redemption and Voucher Details

  1. After you complete your booking, your credit card will be charged and our expert Shore Excursion Concierge agents will 'hand'-review your shore excursion selections against your cruise itinerary to confirm compatibility. Your credit card statement will list the merchant for the charges as Port Promo Cruise Tours.
  2. You will receive an email within 72 hours of booking from which confirms your booking and contains the vouchers required for your shore excursions. Please print these vouchers and bring them with you on your cruise. You will be required to turn the voucher(s) in to the corresponding shore excursion supplier(s). The vouchers feature information regarding how to meet up with the tour leader upon arrival to a port and other important details.
  3. Your tour is completely refundable if your ship is unable to get into port or due to weather cancellations. See our terms and conditions for complete details.