Best of 3 Great Italian Cities: Florence, Rome & Naples Reviews

Rich -

We were unsure what our tours were going to be like as we usually book our tours with the cruise line and get the large bus full of people and then overload the sites you are at. Our first tour was Florence/Pisa. Our guide and driver met us on the pier and we had a 8 person van. We had another couple in the van also and that was arranged by port promotions. Our guide was knowledgeable and very friendly. The opportunity to be in a small group made it so much easier to not only see the sites but also have the time to attention of the guide. We were very pleasantly surprised. I think we hit a grand slam. Our next tour was Rome. WOW again our driver and guide were waiting for us and again we had another couple with us in the van. I am really going to get into this small tours attitude. It makes everything so much easier to appreciate the various sites. Our driver and guide were very attentive to our wishes and made our day in Rome one of the best. The last of the three was Naples, Almalfe coast and Pompeii. The drive along the coast could easily have tourned into a white knuckle adventure, but our very capable driver made it look easy (he was a bus driver prior to driving the van). I don't spook very easy but this makes New YOrk or LA look tame. Our guide for this tour was absolutely the best, and we were the only ones on this tour, we had the guide and the van all to ourselves. The made sure we saw everything we wanted and a little more. On all of these tours our tour guides and drivers made absolutely sure we had plenty of time to get back to the ship for boarding. This trip was probably a once in a lifetime for us and Port Promotions made it the Very Best Cruise. They did a fantastic job and I will be telling everyone I know about them.

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