St Maarten Two Flags & Beach Bash Combo Reviews

Nina Shell -

Went on this excursion with my husband, it was the best, bus was very clean the guide was informative, the beach with chairs and umbrella was just as the brochure said,and the lunch was one of best we ate on our cruise. When we go to St. Marteen again we will take same tour again.


George Herrin -

Wanted to let you know the tours went very well. In St. Thomas the tour with Austin Thomas was very enjoyable. He was so knowledgeable. Thomas in St. Martin was also a good tour guide.


Sonny Frahm -

We selected this tour based on its reviews and the extended time the tour gave us on the Island. I.E. More time on the beach. Instead of being herded like cattle on the large Princess cruise line island tour. We were driven in a clean, small air conditioned bus by a wonderful informative driver named Thomas. It was a scenic drive to the beach, through the Dutch side of the island to the Bikini Beach Cafe. Where we had a wonderful lunch and to our surprise two drink coupons. One for our meal and another while lounging on the beach, in our reserved beach chairs with umbrellas. The beach is very large and great for a long stroll after lunch. The return ride to the ship completes the outer circle of the Island, so you get to see the entire Island. Skip the crowded, short, cruise ship tour and take this one in St Maarten. It was VIP treatment all the way. Remember to take a beach towel from the ship. Sonny from Orlando


CatherineVW -

This was a truly incredible excursion! We were taken on a tour of both sides of the island in a new air-conditioned van by Lloyd of. Lloyd was very knowledgeable about the history of the island, as well as the culture, economy, resources, nightlife, and government. On the French side, we stopped at a wonderful outdoor market right on the water with lots of vendors, and places to eat. We spent about an hour and a half looking at the different items, sampling some foods, enjoying the people, and the environment. The beach bash was wonderful as well, although it wasn't a "beach bash." When we got to the beach, we were seated in this quaint, but totally fabulous, restaurant right on the beach. We had a choice of chicken or fish, and a soft drink. The food was incredible, simple chicken breast with fries, and salad, but the chicken was incredibly tender, the salad fresh, and the fries tasty. The rum drink was so strong though, that I recommend you just order a soft drink, and buy an alcoholic drink from their bar on the beach. The frozen drinks are big, strong, yummy, and only ! After lunch, we were escorted to our private lounge chairs right on the beach, with cushions, tables, and umbrellas. The beach was absolutely beautiful, the water was so clear you could see right to the bottom. There are lots of water sports available for very reasonable prices (you can rent a wave runner for about for a 30 - 60 minute ride. After our beach visit, Lloyd took us back to the ship while telling us all about the island. It was truly a great value, and a FANTASTIC excursion! I'd actually do this very same excursion again the next time we cruise there.

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