Nassau Highlights and Ardastra Gardens Reviews

Surendra Handa -

Taking a group of fifty seniors. outstanding


Barbara Middleton -

For a very rainy day this shore excursion was a pretty good choice. Our guide, Joseph (van 463 I think), provided a very detailed tour of Nassau... considering the initial gathering point was a confusing . I am glad there wasn't a lot of standing around and the guides at all the locations seem to know exactly the right time to herd us on. It was cool to see the banana, avocado and coconut trees. As well as interesting to drive through the affluent areas compared to the low-income neighborhoods. The Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center was lovely even though the famous pink flamingos were unable to perform their well known march due to them learning new choreography??? They were still beautiful to watch, along with the other animals and beautiful vegetation. The overall tour probably was a little bit too long but we have our guide Joseph to thank who kept it fun and interesting.

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