Lighthouse Totems & Eagles Excursions Reviews

Danielle Carl -

The ONLY reason I did not give this excursion a 5 star is: (1) we took pictures of Bald Eagles the day before in Sitka. (2) after awhile these miraculous birds begin to look like seagulls or get my drift. After seeing several bald eagles and their nest my two girls stayed below deck on this mid-size ship and slept. They weren't all that interested in the Lighthouse or even the totems we passed. The ship's Captain was hilarious!!! He was honestly one of the best parts about this excursion. No sea-sickness and they had snacks which were quite tasty. My daughters asked that I mention the yummy hot chocolate. You don't get a lot of time in Ketchikan so it's really one excursion or none. I'm glad we did this one but another cruiser rented some sort of go-cart and that sounded like more fun. As a first timer I would suggest this excursion especially if you are a bird lover, we aren't, as it was very nice.

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