Grand Cayman Stingray City Snorkeling Reviews

John Heinsohn -

Absolutely loved this tour. It was slightly nerve wracking at first being in the water with these stingrays but after a while you almost didn't notice them. This tour was run extremely well. The tours operators from our captain/driver Ron , our tour guide Ray ( Ray almost seems cast out of a movie to play this part a little eccentric but he was a blast) & our photographer Krista were all great. And after spending a good amount of time with the stingrays the snorkeling wasn't that bad as well. This tour and especially these 3 guides I would highly recommend to anyone. This tour booked through the cruise line they pack them like sardines on the boats that wasn't the case here on this tour by not booking thru Carnival. In my opinion this is one of these can't miss tours.


Sandra David -

I was so glad we booked this one here. It was an amazing experience. all the staff was so nice, very well organized and on time. It was my favorite excursion. Don't miss out on this one!!


Pam McComas -

Very nice tour - it was a great experience and the staff was very helpful. The trip out to the sandbar was longer than expected (about 1/2 hr), but worth it when we got there. There were about 100 rays, and we were able to touch/feed them. Then we went to a nice snorkeling area - didn't expect to see the variety of fish that were present. Great experience!


Michael Danelson -

We had and incredible day swiming with the stingrays. Those are really wild creatures with and incredible texture. As Mauro and Mandy teached us, those animals are harmless because they are used to be around human (and fed by them). The day was lovely and the staff was too. I hope we would have had more time to repeat the excursion. The company with wich we did it was called Acquarius Stingray City Tours and their website is:

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