Alaska Whale Watching Adventure Reviews

Danielle Carl -

Do NOT book your excursions through your cruise line especially NOT while on-board. We took this cruise at 9:00 a.m. and then followed it with another excursion through Port Promotions of course (Above and Beyond Helicopter, see that for my review). It was me, my husband and two daughters (16 and 12) that took this trip (to see if you can relate). This excursion was fantastic as we saw quite a few Humpback Whales. There was a group of three of them traveling close together so the photos and video we have is incredible. They had snacks, binoculars, and drinks available on the mid-size boat. No sea-sickness and the perfect amount of time. You're in Alaska so you HAVE to take an excursion to the see the whales as you may not be as lucky as we were and see a group of traveling Orcas from your cabin on the ship. Follow this excursion with a trip to the top of the glacier and you have enjoyed a full day at Juneau with time for lunch at Tracy's Crab Shack (a must, as the crab legs are soooo good). This whole trip from the Oosterdam to our excursions through Port Promotions made this THE TRIP TO REMEMBER!!

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