Cozumel by Jeep and Snorkel tour Reviews

Bridget Cameron -

I loved this excursion! The sights were fabulous, the tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly, and everything went smoothly and on time. I took my son and we were able to touch a huge starfish and get super close to a sea turtle. The lunch at the resort was 1st class! We had a blast! Thanks PortPromotions for offering this excursion.


Melissa Kelley -

Jesus and George are the best!! We had a wonderful time. WE had children with us and they were so helpful snorkeling with them. We didn't want it to end. The jeeps were great. FUN!!!! Must do this excursion!!!


Jim -

Excursion was really interesting and fun. Out tour guide, Ernan, was friendly, funny and knowledgeable. The sites were interesting, especially with the information provided by Ernan. Snorkeling was fantastic. Equipment was top notch and the sights were spectacular. Lots of fish, crustaceans, stingrays…The fajita meal at the end was delicious. I would definitely recommend this excursion.


Sonya Aguilar -

Since there was only our family of 3 for this excursion we asked if our tour guide Fred would do the driving while hubby could sit back and enjoy the ride and scenery. Hubby always did the driving in every excursion and missed out of sightseeing different things. Fred asked his boss and got the okay. We had a great time - Fred answered every question and showed us different things and took the time to explain the history. Since it was just us three, we were able to do things at our leisure - no rushing, no waiting for others. It was great! The dinner we had at El Cid was fantastic - even my teenage boy raved about it. We had a great time in Cozumel, seeing different things, thanks to our fantastic guide Fred! Highly recommend this to all ages.


Familyof5 -

Wow, what an adventure! Many thanks our tour guide, David, for showing us the beautiful island of Cozumel. Our family of 5, ranging in ages from 5 to 40, enjoyed every second!

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