St Kitts Rainforest Tour

St Kitts Rainforest Tour

St Kitts Rainforest Tour

Your tour will take you to a particularly beautiful section of the rainforest. This tour provides guests with the beauty of the rainforest for guests who might find the longer hike too arduous. This tour includes a twenty minute drive to the rainforest with a one hour walk into the forest and a one hour return walk out of the forest.

The tour guide will introduce you to some of our medicinal plants and trees such as Trumpets Bush, Black Sage & Sour Sop.

While trekking through this exotic part of the forest you will see some of our plants and trees have grown in height and thickness with lush buttress roots e.g. Sicus, Saman, and Locus Trees. Your tour guide will enlighten you by not only introducing you to this beautiful part of nature but by giving an educational point of view of why we preserve such lush flora.

Our Fauna consists of the green vervet monkeys, various birds, and butterflies. In our rainy season Wingfield River becomes the sound in the background of birds chirping and the chattering of monkeys.

Certainly a tour not to be missed by nature enthusiasts!

Following the tour local drinks which may include seasonal beverages such as (guava, passion fruit etc),sodas, water and pastries (coconut cake and raisen rolls) will be served.

Departures (Local Time)

8:30 AM (Hours: 3-3.5)


  • Guided tour
  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Walk through rainforest
  • Light refreshments


Minimum age for children to participate is six (6) years old and maximum weight is 275 pounds. You will want to bring sunscreen, wear shorts or light weight trousers, t-shirt, or shirt, hats, sun shades (if required) especially for children, medication, water for personal use, close toe shoes (e.g. sneakers) any other items to facilitate needs during the day. Please advise of any disabilites prior to booking this tour.

Departure Location

At the cruise ship pier. The specific meeting location at the pier will be listed in your confirmation email and voucher for this shore excursion. See the 'Redemption and Voucher Details' section below.

Redemption and Voucher Details

  1. After you complete your booking, your credit card will be charged and our expert Shore Excursion Concierge agents will 'hand'-review your shore excursion selections against your cruise itinerary to confirm compatibility. Your credit card statement will list the merchant for the charges as Port Promo Cruise Tours.
  2. You will receive an email within 72 hours of booking from which confirms your booking and contains the vouchers required for your shore excursions. Please print these vouchers and bring them with you on your cruise. You will be required to turn the voucher(s) in to the corresponding shore excursion supplier(s). The vouchers feature information regarding how to meet up with the tour leader upon arrival to a port and other important details.
  3. Your tour is completely refundable if your ship is unable to get into port or due to weather cancellations. See our terms and conditions for complete details.
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